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台灣父親節 /台湾父亲节 / 台湾での父の日 / Father's Day in Taiwan/Den otců

台灣父親節 /台湾父亲节 / 台湾の父の日 / Father's Day in Taiwan/Den otců


Bā yuè bā rì shì táiwān rén qìngzhù fùqīn jié de rìzi.

Bābā gēn bàba xiéyīn, zìxíng gēn fùqīn de "fù " xiāngjìn,

yīncǐ bèi xuǎn wèi gǎnxiè fùqīn de rìzi. 





Father 's Day in Taiwan

August 8th is Father 's Day in Taiwan.

No matter the pronounciation or the character, 88( 八八, baba) is similar with 爸爸(baba, colloquial use) or  (father,ancient use), so this day has been designated as Father 's Day.

Den otců

8. srpna je na Tchaj-wanu Den otců .

Bez ohledu na výslovnost nebo zápis (znak), 88 (八八, baba) je podobný s 爸爸 (baba, hovorové použití) nebo (otec, starověké použití).Proto byl tento den označen za Den otců.

Mořský den/ 海之日/海之日/海の日/Marine Day

Mořský den 

V Japonsku je třetí pondělí v červenci Mořský den. 

Mořský den byl určen k tomu, aby děkoval moře za hojnost, přál si prosperující rozvoj Japonska jako ostrovní země, a taky apeloval na lidi za zájem aporozumění moře.  

Japonsko je jediná země na světě, která má jako národní svátek "Mořský den".



Hǎi zhī rì 



zài rìběn, qī yuè de dì sān gè xīngqí yī shì `hǎi zhī rì'.



   Hǎi zhī rì'bèi dìng wèi guódìng jiàrì bāohán yǒu gǎnxiè hǎiyáng de ēnhuì,

期許海洋  國家  日本 能  繁榮,期許國民 關 心  了解 海洋  等 意義。

期许海洋  国家  日本 能  繁荣,期许国民 关 心  了解 海洋  等 意义。
qíxǔ hǎiyáng guójiā Rìběn néng fánróng, qíxǔ guómín guānxīn liǎojiě hǎiyáng děng yìyì.

世界  上    將「海日」訂 為  國定  假日的國家 只有日本。

世界  上    将「海之日」订 为  国定  假日的国家 只有 日本。
Shìjiè shàng jiàng  `hǎi zhī rì'   dìng wèi guódìng jiàrì de guójiā zhǐyǒu Rìběn.








Marine Day 

In Japan, the third Monday in July is Marine Day. 

The Marine Day was designated to appreciate the ocean's bounty, to wish Japan's prosperous development as an island country, and to appeal to people's care and understanding to the ocean. 

Japan is the only one country in the world which has “Ocean Day” as a national holiday.


Dear friends,

I am Chinese and Japanese teacher Jennifer Wang (王煦淳) from Taiwan, and this is original idea of the name of the centre for languages and asian culture - Taiwang.

I have been teaching Chinese and Japanese for about seven years. Before coming to Czech Republic as a volunteer Chinese teacher sent by ICDF in 2008 ( International Corporation and Development Fund, similar like PEACE CORPS in America or JICA of Japan) , I had been working with famous Chinese and Japanese language schools in Taiwan, for example 永漢日語and GEOS.

Besides, I have mainly been an JapaneseChinese translator from 1999, with real name or pan name, total over 20 books ,and two of them are translated from English to Chinese.

When I taught Chinese as an volunteer, I introduced Chinese literature, customs, proverbs, stories, and had some presentations, for example, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, Taiwan and China's History from 20th, See Taiwan's Changes from Music, and so on.

I am an experienced language teacher and translator. Now, I have back to Czech Republic again. Hope I can dedicate my abilities and experiences to Czech people. And as Czech people are interested in Chinese culture or Taiwan culture, Taiwan people or Chinese people are curious of Czech Republic too. I expect that I be able to promote more understanding and interactions between Taiwan and Czech Republic

by MCTech s.r.o.


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